Hotel Brunelleschi offers an incredible and relaxing holiday experience in Florence to host people from all over the world in more than 90 rooms. Your boutique hotel in Florence is waiting for you with special services and friendly staffing who will help to satisfy all your needs. The hotel adopts an independent attitude and work hard to avoid being considered as a corporate hotel.

The Atmosphere of The Hotel

Its modest size of an urban boutique hotel gives it a central and elegant location in the heart of the city, and its lively atmosphere adapts to its location. You’ll also find boutique hotels in trendy resorts. But whether it’s urban or rural, a good boutique hotel reminds you where you are. It often conveys a strong sense of place and pride in the heritage of the place.

The hotel Brunelleschi has a smaller size, giving the clients the impression of being personal guests in a private home, rather than just a frequenter of the hotel. To reinforce this feeling of being “among friends” they offer the customers spaces where guests can interact.

Temporary Hospitality and Modern Style

Temporary hospitality for travelers has existed for hundreds of years. In the Middle Ages, the Romans welcomed government travelers and monasteries offered shelter to pilgrims in transit. With their relentless search for something innovative, today’s travelers have been at the heart of the evolution of boutique hotels. Unique as its functionality is the architecture and interior design of a boutique hotel. From inside, the hotel is of a high standard and Hotel Brunelleschi is able to combine historical details with chic elegance. Charming hotels are able to express a progressively avant-garde style with trendy furnishings.

To prolong the unique personality of each property, the hotel celebrates the local flavor with a strong link to the place, using a local style and reflecting the character of the places through color and art.

For your stay in the boutique hotel Brunelleschi, Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, full of history, art and monumental beauty, all seasoned with an atmosphere of a small town. Although Florence is not the first city that will come to mind looking towards Italy, it is definitely one of your favorites after visiting it. Its mystery and elegance are a vital element that will make you want to visit it again soon.

The Hotel Brunelleschi is the only perfect choice to spend a weekend in one of the most characteristic places in Italy. They are located in the heart of the city that allows you to easily reach the main attractions and monuments: Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio. You can walk around the city on foot and you don’t have to pay for any means of transport, so you can fully enjoy the spirit of this wonderful city.