As the cost of traveling abroad becomes more affordable, many of us are taking advantage of being able to go to far away places for our holidays, and a few generations ago would have been unthinkable.

However, in addition to cheaper flights, other services have come along that also help you make the most of your trip. Here are three of the best that you should consider using:-

1, Google translate app.

When you visit a foreign country, it is always hard to communicate if you do not speak the language, and most of the time school boy French will not pass muster.

So now the nice people from google have created a free google translate app that you can load onto any smart phone. This amazing app will assist you in communicating in over 100 different languages.

It has three ways to help you communicate, firstly it will translate into written text anything that you type. Allowing you to easily ask for directions using the written word that any local will understand.

Secondly if you are going to a country that speaks one of the 32 languages that the app can understand by voice, then you can have a voice conversation and the app with quickly translate what it hears for you and vice versa.

Thirdly it has a scan and recognise function, that allows you to scan a page in one language like a menu, and it will then translate all of the information that it reads for you on the app.

This means that having trouble communicating in a foreign language should be a thing of the past, if you download and make use of this app.

2, Use a luggage shipping service

The days of having to carry your luggage, queue at luggage check-in and then wait for your baggage on arrival has passed. You are now able to travel like a VIP luggage free knowing that the your luggage is already delivered and waiting for you on arrival at your hotel.

Companies like Courierpoint are offering a specialist luggage shipping service that will send you shipping labels and holders, and then arrange for leading reliable international couriers to collect, route and deliver your bags directly to your hotel. They even proactively monitor the bags whilst in transit and notify you on delivery.

As they have the option to send the bags by road and sea you can usually pack higher weights at lower prices than airline charge for their baggage. This service is especially useful for elderly or disabled travellers.

3, Check with Tripadvisor in advance

With everyone having access to the internet now, it is easy for you to visit review sites such as Tripadvisor. Here you are able to see the opinions of a wide range of travellers who have visited the places that you are planning on going to.

Here you can read about their experiences staying at hotels that you are considering and from visiting tourist attractions and restaurants. Enabling you not only to make an informed choice, but they often include tips and recommendations that you would not otherwise know about, but can add greatly to a positive experience when you visit.

I hope that you try these three ideas, that can help to make your next trip abroad, easier and better than it would otherwise be.