If you have decided to spend a journey through the lakes in northern Italy, know that it is a more than focused decision. Do you know why? Because between climate and sport, you can spend pleasant moments on the lakes in northern Italy.


The lake climate is the climate that more than any other has a vast sphere of indications. Holidays on the lake have no contraindications, except for particularly severe cases of depressive forms. There are no excessively high thermal peaks. Furthermore, it is almost always breezy: periodic winds, which go from South to North during the day and descend from the valleys at night, make the atmosphere fresh and constantly purified. Thanks to the average temperature, the breezy atmosphere, the presence of a more or less extensive body of water, the lake becomes an ideal holiday stay, especially for those looking for a truly relaxing holiday, without the stimuli that are sometimes even excessively intense of the sea and the high mountains. Lake


The lake is also particularly suitable for early childhood because of its highly sedative value and the lack of excessively high temperatures. Younger children staying in one of the most beautiful lakes combine sleep, increase appetite and are more peaceful. These same reasons make the lake very useful for older people who, in the lake atmosphere, find a particularly favorable stay: tranquility, highly relaxing climate, the possibility of pleasant walks without particular physical commitments.


The sports to be practiced on the lake are many and convenient; therefore also from this point of view the lake is the most complete stay. First of all nautical activities can be carried out which are practically perfect since the lakes are almost always (except in cases, quite exceptional, of strong winds from the North) and are calm and a table in the morning. During the afternoon, the light breeze does not affect boat trips.

So here in the early morning hours (particularly indicated) to make long trips with rowboats. Rowing in particular is beneficial for human health since it dilates the chest, widens the shoulders, thins the waist, harmoniously develops the muscles of the limbs. It is also an activity that attracts the attention of teenagers who can thus facilitate their development to grow harmoniously. Finally, rowing acts considerably on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, positively influencing the health of the whole organism.