Tour To Rangamati

Rangamati is a district in south-eastern Bangladesh. It is a part of Chittagong hill tracts.It is known as the Lake city of Bangladesh. It is bordered by the Tipura state of India to the North, Bandarban district to the South, Mizoram state of India and Myanmar to the East and Khagarachari and Chittagong districts to the West. The total area of the district is 6116 km2 of which 1292 km2 is river and 4825 km2 is under forest vegetation. Total population are 595,979 (2011 census).Population is divided in Bangalees and eleven tribes. The tribes are Chakma,Marma,Tanchangya,Tripura,Pankua,Lushai,Khiang,Murang,Rakhain,Chak,Bowm,Khumi. The mix of different races,cultures,religions and customs creates an interesting community at Rangamati.

The suitable months for visiting Rangamati are October to February. Because in these months temperature remains cool and usually there is no rainfall. But the main beauty of Rangamati comes out in rainy season. During the monsoon forest becomes greener, rivers and waterfalls are fill up with water. TOURIST WILL MISS A COLOURFULL BANGLADESH WITHOUT VISITING RANGAMATI. How to go from Dhaka to Rangamati Both AC and non AC coaches are available to go to Rangamati and there are plenty of options for travelers to choose from. Buses leave for Rangamati from Sayedabada, Fakirapul, Motijheel Bus terminals every hour till midnight. Catching a bus is the only direct way to reach Rangamati from Dhaka as there are no trains or flights. Shuvolong is a place in Borokol sub district, located about 25 kilometers (11kilometers – as the crow flies) away from Rangamati. There are few waterfalls in Shuvolong area with the largest one falling from a 300 feet height. In the past several years, this place has turned into a tourist destination due to beautiful waterfalls and the nearby market. Shuvolong is easily accessible by speed boat or motor boats from Rangamati. Kaptai Lake is a man made lake in Bangladesh. It is approximately 11000 sq. km. It is situated in the Kaptai upazila under Rangamati district. The Kaptai lake’s average depth is 100 feet and maximum depth is 490 feet.The main reason to make this lake is to produce electricity. Travelers will enjoy the beauty of this lake as well as have a nice journey on the lake. There are also some tiny islands inside the lake. Every island has different name like -Peda Ting-Ting, Tuk-Tuk echo village, Chang-Pang etc. In Peda Ting-Ting island you will find cottages to stay and enjoy beautiful moonlight with this lake. The local name of Hanging bridge is Jhulonto bridge. It is 335 feet long.It is a very popular bridge in Rangamati. Actually Rangamati is famous for this bridge There is meny place to visit such as Kaptai Lake and Hanging Bridge KAPTAI NATIONAL PARK TRIBAL MUSEUM CHAKMA ROYAL PALACE LOCAL MARKET

Shuvolong Falls WHERE TO STAY There are many hotels and boardings available in Rangamati for accommodation and fooding.