Wide Array of Choices For Banquet Halls in Gurgaon

When planning an occasion or event the first item at the top of the list is always the venue. If planning an indoor gathering then there are a number of banquet halls in Gurgaon to satisfy your need. These halls are generally used for Portrush Weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and other memorable occasions. Banquet HallsBanquet Halls in Gurgaon, Marriage Halls in Gurgaon Features and facilities offered These halls are normally within the premises of a starred hotel and hence provide ample car parking or valet car parking. The size of the hall you are looking to book would be dependent on the number of guests being invited as some halls are huge easily accommodating 200-300 people. The interiors are elegantly and tastefully done. Some halls are inclusive of music (like tribute nights glasgow city centre), lighting and food or you can contract these out to independent vendors. For a hassle free event it is best to go with an all inclusive hall. Onsite decorators and event planners would then take over the task for tastefully decorating the hall, providing the right audio and recording the event to relive the moment later. The banquet halls in Gurgaon are much in demand during the wedding season. For the halls that are much sought after you might have to book well in advance to avoid disappointment or you might be put on a waiting list in case of cancellation.

Depending on the event being held in the meeting rooms leicester, they could be decorated using balloons or flowers. You could state the type of decoration you want done at the time of booking. In case of weddings the mandaps if needed could be erected. In case of children’s birthday parties you can enquire whether entertainment such as magicians or games can be organized. There is much choice in the menu on offer in these lavish halls. Since these halls are located within high end hotels one can opt for food from different regions of India or even international dishes such as pastas. Food is normally charged per plate or could be charged dependent on number of guests for smaller events. One can plan out the number of courses and the food to be served with the event planner or the chefs available at the hotel. Please check whether the hire charge of the banquet hall covers decorations, lighting, video recording and other facilities. Confirm whether you can use the services of other vendors for catering and decorations or only the ones offered onsite. Ensure whether there are any restrictions on certain types of food or drink such as alcohol being served.