It’s no surprise that beauty experts and beauty editors have been raving about Profhilo Treatments for some time now. This treatment promotes brightness and hydration and addresses creepy, wrinkled skin that’s become sagging and loose.

It is an injectable procedure that moisturizes your skin and encourages the growth of new fat tissue. Profhilo works by enhancing moisture and stimulating the skin’s natural restorative processes like skin boosters and fillers. As for skin boosters work by restoring lost hyaluronic acid in our skin, while fillers work by replacing lost volume or filling in wrinkles.

Why Profhilo treatment Singapore is gaining massive popularity?

From consultation to topical numbing cream and injection, the whole procedure takes about an hour. In actuality, each injection takes just 5 seconds per BAP (more on that later), whereas the most numbing cream takes 15-30 minutes to take action.

The HA solution is believed to remain within your skin for 30 to 45 days, longer than other skin boosters. Professionals prescribe a Profhilo treatment every six to nine months to maintain benefits.

Benefits of Profhilo treatment Singapore:

Profhilo has four main advantages that make it an all-around skin remedy:

  • First, it can bio-stimulate elastin and four kinds of collagen at various skin depths. This permits Profhilo to firm, tighten, and lift the skin.
  • In addition to improving general skin quality and hydration, Profhilo promotes natural tissue healing, making it an effective therapy for acne scars.
  • Profhilo also provides a lifting and skin tightening effect; it cannot treat volume loss symptoms like sunken cheeks, eye bags, or dark circles.
  • Profhilo has also created the Bio Aesthetic Point (BAP) injection technology for quick and painless treatment with minimum downtime.

BAP is a specific application method for the lower part of the face and neck. Profhilo has found five BAPs on the lower face to maximize the diffusion of Profhilo’s hybrid HA complex while minimizing bruising and problems.

The process is supposed to be speedier than typical injectable treatments, with minimum pain. The same 10 points are located on the neck, as depicted above. Topical numbing cream is used 15-30 minutes before the surgery to make it more pleasant.

Profhilo price in Singapore:

If you’re in Singapore, you’re looking at somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000. Because there are many “fake” products, it’s best to get the clinic to provide documentation proving the product’s authenticity.

Aesthetics by KBL is offering theĀ best Profhilo price in Singapore. Maybe you find it a little expensive than other treatments, but Profhilo requires medical cool chain logistics; essentially, that makes it quite a costly option.

KBL is an organization having connected clinics all across Asia. Aesthetics by KBL purchases large volumes of their profhilo inventory. Profhilo is delicate and heat-sensitive; hence the stock is only available through authorized distributors. For it to be transported, cool chain logistics must be used. KBL even provides a free CO2 laser treatment during promotional periods in conjunction with profhilo, which is a wonderful combo of the two procedures.

KBL is a premium supplier in Singapore and only uses genuine injectables. As a company, they are committed to upholding the highest levels of security and are open and honest about their pricing. Depending on where you have it done, how much you need, and the practitioner’s skill, the price might vary greatly.