Fly into Auckland is so easy, and Auckland airport is Australasia’s second-largest airport. The good news is that this airport is serviced by 30 international airlines, including Cathay Pacific, one of the World’s best airlines. It is approximately a 10-hour direct flight from most places of Pacific Rim, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and the west coast of the USA.

If we talk about weather and seasons than Auckland is located in a warm coastal climatic region. Therefore, we can enjoy every season there, but don’t forget that the seasons of Auckland are opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. So it’s nice to enjoy summers in December while winters in June.

Things to do in Auckland:

Auckland is blessed with natural wonders as well as manmade creations. From Iceland escapes and beautiful beaches to superb wine and food, unique culture, and world-class shopping, there is so much to explore and experience in Auckland year around. All this action and adventure are so close that we can get a lot in a short time also. The sky tower is the landmark of Auckland that is 220 meters in the sky; it is a must to visit. Harbour of Auckland, Devonport, Viaduct Harbor, and Waiheke Island are the places must visit in Auckland.

Some interesting facts about Auckland:

  • Auckland is home to the best food in New Zealand, so brace yourself for cuisine like no other.
  • It is highly advised to bring strong bug sprays in the summer season to avoid pesky insects commonly called sand flies.
  • New Zealand is all about recycling, and there are hefty fines for not recycling things properly, so respect the environment there.
  • Never forget to enjoy sleeping under the stars in Auckland, and for this, you can check the Department of Conservations website.
  • 111 is the emergency telephone number in New Zealand, and it is free to call.
  • Look right before crossing the roads and streets while driving a car always stick to the left-hand side.
  • Always practice sun safety and wear sunblock even you witness a cloudy day; otherwise, the strength of the sun will surprise you surely in the wrong way.

Travel tips for Auckland:

Here are some necessary information and a few tips that you need to know before exploring Auckland:

Smoking policies:

In New Zealand, it is prohibited to smoke in most of the indoor places, including restaurants, cinemas, public transport, and even in bars. There are outdoor areas in bars and clubs where you can smoke and buy a cigarette; you must be 18 or more.

Wi-Fi access:

There are some free Wi-Fi spots available in Auckland. Most of the accommodation providers and some Cafes also offer free Wi-Fi access.

Mobile phone networks:

Mobile phones from Canada and the USA cannot operate in New Zealand as it operates on a 900 to 1800 MHz network. People from these countries have to rent or buy a compatible phone or sim card on arrival.