Having a gap year may get boring sometimes. Sitting all day at home, watching shows on Netflix and stuffing yourself with junk food…

While some may like to spend their gap year this way but there are others who don’t want their time to go to waste. They want to make the most of their gap year and do something meaningful. For such people, the best solution would be to join a gap year volunteering program.

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This would not only turn their boring routine into something exciting, it would also give them the following benefits:

1.       Give Your CV Something to Boast About

Want to increase your chances of getting that job or getting into that college? Universities and jobs don’t only want to see what good grades you have, they also want to see what more you have done besides that.

Joining such a program would definitely add one more feather to your cap.

2.       Create an International Network of Friends

Having a good network is very essential in today’s world. While volunteering abroad, you get to meet and work along with different people from different places. This helps you in creating professional as well as personal contacts.

3.       Travelling to New Places

The best part about gap year volunteering is that you get to travel and discover new countries and their cultures. You’ll get to visit their famous cities, historic sites, try out different food and so much more! Wouldn’t that be a great adventure?

4.       Learn a New Language

No language classes or books can help you learn a new language better than being amongst the locals of a country. Since you hear, talk and deal with the locals in that language every day, you start to get the hang of it.

Then when you get back home, you can impress people with the new language learned.

5.       Boost Confidence and Improve People Skills

While volunteering abroad, you will get in touch with different people from different cultures. Engaging with them every day will help boost your confidence and improve your socializing skills. If you are a shy person and want to come out of your comfort zone, then gap year volunteering is what you should consider.