Top Adventurous Sports to Enjoy in Winters

Winter, it is that season of the year when a thick layer of white snow takes over the entire Northern region of India. Though owing to the presence of the great Himalayas, North India always enjoys hoary scenery, during winters it actually rains snow over the place. Thus, it turns into an ultimate destination for the adventure freaks. If you are also from the league of those who simply can’t resist tasting the thrill cosseted in the Indian Himalayas, here is a list of sports that you can opt for. Enjoy reading. Trekking – Making a grip in the ice is certainly not a piece of cake There is a reason to why trekking has been placed on the first position. Trekking is one of the best ways to completely soak in the true essence of the white beautiful snow. With every step comes a dare; a dare to put a step ahead. Though there are various trekking trails that welcome the beginners for an easy journey, at the same time the very region is bestowed with trails that throw an open challenge to come, trek and conquer. Some of the winter treks for an experienced adventurist are stated as follows: Auli Gorson Snow Trek Frozen River Chadar Trek Kedar Kantha Winter Trek Chopta Chandrashila Winter Summit Trek Dodital Snow Trek Skiing – ‘Snow and Ski’, isn’t it quite rhythmical You really need to have a stomach or courage for sliding down on a vertically slanting hill. On one hand the ice makes it a smooth and hard to control slide, and on the other hand you only have skiing poles to maintain a balance. Admit it or not, this sport is quite sufficient to take your breath away. So, for those are ready to be amazed, ready to skip a heartbeat via skiing, here are the destinations they must go for: Auli, Uttarakhand Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir Yumthang, Sikkim Motor Biking – Ride from sunrise to sunset The craggy terrain complemented with the hues of the culture permeated in the air and a snowy cover, motor biking is one such audacious activity that gifts you thrill as well as delight. This adventure sport makes you explore every nook and cranny of a particular region from a closer angle. From culture, to people, to wildlife, to scenic beauty, you get the pleasure of not just viewing everything, but experiencing everything. Therefore, it would not be wrong to state that every thrill seeker must opt for motor biking at least once in a lifetime. Following are the best stations for enjoying memorable motor biking holidays: Garhwal Himachal Ladakh Sikkim Camping – Nothing spells adventure better than camping in the midst of a snowy scenery Leaving back the comfy couch and trying hard to get into a sleeping bed; leaving back the ready to eat food served at a dining table and collecting woods to cook anything instant to eat; a life of a camper is far away from all luxuries. However, it is completely your choice that you wish to enjoy the bliss involved in fetching resources from the nature’s lap, or you are all happily caged in the concrete jungle. Camping is meant only for those who wish for the first choice. The chilled breeze, the chirping of the birds, an open sky and a snow field is nothing less than a dreamland for an adventurist. If you have the same fantasy in your eyes, here are the destinations that can make your dream come true: Bedni Bugyal Gorson Bugyal Har ki Dun These are the top adventurous sports that you can enjoy in India during winters. Try out any of these, (or perfect if can try all of these) and let an adrenaline rush flow in your body.