Are you doing preparations for your around the world trip? As a future globetrotter, you have to understand about protecting your passport and the information that’s present on it. Always be careful about your paper identity and never leave your passport in the care of a tour person or at the desk of the hotel because:

  • The greatest threat for you is the risk of your identity theft.
  • The government of your country on your passport, it isn’t actually yours.
  • There is no proper safety available for legal documents in hotels and they actually don’t need your passport.
  • It is an essential requirement when you are out of the country and authorities may ask for your passport in any situation.

Don’t you think sometimes the tension of keeping your legal documents safe during trip seriously destroys the actual enjoyment and fun of those movements as you always remain tense of keeping your eye on this, a must requirement safe?

Tolga Akcay the CEO of has introduced the latest technology to keep your visa and passport safe. This is basically the digitalization of visa and passport and you can travel with your digital visa and passport without being fear of losing it anywhere. Exvisa is a convenient way to tackle all the immigration, emigration, and relocation issues most appropriately and securely. Tolga Akcay has done the complete homework to convert traveling documents into an online visa and passport with the Exvisa technology that will also help authorities of a country or a company to make a targeted selection of people or candidates according to the regions and their needs.

Exvisa has used transparent blockchain technology that is not only an alternative of financial transactions, but it is a hacker-proof medium where the information of a person or data can be protected without any tension of being hacked. Exvisa performs the cryptonization of sensitive information before adding it to any blockchain to provide a blockchain visa and passport facility for the travelers who love to move around the world freely without any restrictions of keeping documents with them everywhere. Hopefully, Exvisa will provide a carefree experience of traveling to all of us very soon, until then follow these passport safety guidelines:

  • Never give your passport to any hotel employee or travel operator, but write it down for them what information they need.
  • Always keep some copies of your passport and provide your own copy to them and block out your most sensitive information on that copy like citizen service number and social security number.
  • In some hotels, they ask your passport to deposit to assure that you don’t leave before paying. It is better to pay for your stay in advance or offer a cash deposit to them.
  • If a hotel never accepts cash deposit or insists on your passport it is better to leave that hotel and select another one for you.
  • It is better to read about the terms and conditions of hotels regarding passport before booking in advance.